Company overview

The Whitmor Company founded in 1942 is a manufacturing and design facility focusing on providing electrical control and power distribution panels for a wide range of industry. In addition Whitmor distributes a select range of products which align with the high quality and unique values of our company. Whitmor has served as a military contractor for many navy applications and therefore has vast experience in complying with military specifications and procedures as well as (GMP) good manufacturing procedures to assure the highest quality and reliability in the products we deliver.

Bunker Hill Monument - Boston near Whitmor

Mission statement

Company historical timeline

Our core value is providing quality products and design services, manufactured power and control panel solutions which primarily serve military, marine and severe environment applications.

We strive to:
Provide the best delivery on navy/marine rated power distribution panels in the market.
Foster a competitive ,educated and dynamic work environment.
Evolve our product portfolio to adapt with the customers needs and technological advancements.
Maintain diversity in our business units to enable growth and profitability while aligning to our primary markets.

We are capable of designing and manufacturing custom systems for most any application.  We would welcome your comments or requests for quotations.

Whitmor welcomes you